About us


Our Company started business in 1984 as a private company. Currently operating as a family business as established in 1997, called: Mill-ko Bt. A Commercial and wholesale Supplier Company, with the following objective: manufacturing artificial stone products, applying our product in the building industry. The main success in our company is the system of artificial stone trimmings for swimming pools.

We deal in the following products and services:

  • Manufacturing concrete products
  • Production of artificial stone
  • Stone carvings
  • Production of artificial stone swimming pool coping
  • Trade of artificial stone swimming pools coping
  • Tombstones

The building industry is continuously developing and evolving, Keeping in line with modern trends we are constantly expanding our range, for example, we are producing: swimming pool coping, floor tiles, embankment stone, retaining wall elements, fences, covering stones for fences, window sill, tombstone and rose-bowls made of artificial stone..

Artificial stone rose-bowls are firstly recommended for potting of outdoor ornamental plants, but can be used for indoor interior decoration and also perfectly suited for use as room dividers or partitions. Our broken white coloured, wide range of products, manufactured in various styles and sizes. This guarantees that you can find the best shape to fit your gardens, terraces, public places, conference or meeting room decorations.

The manufacturing can be done after measuring, pre order, as well as customer specific requests. Our products can be seamlessly used indoor and outdoor, being both frost proof, versatile and long lasting, we accomplish this by using high end quality raw materials and exceptional care in the manufacturing process.

We offer our products and service for enterprises in building industry as a wholesaler and also for individual partners as a retailer.

I am at your service with pleasure:
Kováts Ferenc

Address: H-1108, Budapest Sírkert út 19.

Tel. : 261-5227
Fax : 295-0304
E-mail: info@millkobt.hu
Web site address: www.millkobt.hu