The concept of an artificial stone

The use of artificial stone is becoming more widespread these days. it is a high-quality concrete, which consists of natural grinded and broken stones, with cement or plastic acting as the binding agent. The classification of the artificial stones are as follows:

  • Type of binding agent: grey cement, white cement
  • Type of additive material: hard limestone, basalt, marble, broken garnet.
  • Partition coefficient of the additive materials granule size: coarse-grained, fine
  • The abrasion-resistance: resistant, non-resistant
  • The standard of frost-proofness: frost-proof, non-frost-proof
  • The method of building up the surface: stonelike, polished, etc. ... and according to the proper use and the specific quality.

The field of usage is varied with multiple applications, all the ashlar stones, without any exception, can be replaced with artificial stones. Artificial stones have more load bearing capacity in curbing, tension and bending loads. Usage in the garden, and other architecture:

  • Artificial stone tiles
  • Embankment stones
  • Retaining wall elements
  • Fences
  • Covering stones for fences
  • Footings
  • Vases
  • Swimming pool copings
  • Statues
  • Tombstones


The artificial stones are usually pre-manufactured, but can be custom made on site according to customer specifications.

Every care is taken in regard to quality and specific client requirements to create an artificial stone which creates a visually pleasant and natural atmoshere.